Of its kind, the Contribute Pen is an example of the first innovative uses of engineered concrete.  Years of concrete research and testing has led to the Contribute Pen. Utilizing a precise recipe and innovative manufacturing techniques, the Contribute Pen’s structural integrity determines its aesthetics. Gratitude is given to engineers in the concrete industry who have created technological advances regarding the molecular relationship of concrete elements.

The Pen body and back cap are joined together with a spring-plunger. Ink refills are changed by unscrewing the back cap and spring plunger. Building upon high-performance mix design principles, I’ve engineered a concrete mix that enables me to produce a sleek, durable, and versatile concrete pen. No other concrete pen boasts a uniform concrete structure such as the Contribute Pen.  

Even the threads which hold the spring plunger in place are made of concrete.  The embedded neodymium magnets and spring plunger are the only pieces which are not made from concrete.

The uniform and compact design are obtained by hand mixing & casting in precision made forms. The manufacture of a single pen will span 14+ days. The uniform design provides a balanced and comfortable feel while writing.  Although the texture is smooth and feels soft, the pen grips well to the hand. The Contribute Pen houses a wide variety of ink refills and will be made in a variety of colors.

The Contribute Case was created to ensure the pen’s safe travel and protection from high-impact tensile forces. The case cover is also made from concrete and is embedded with a neodymium magnet, which helps to hold the cover in place while storing the pen.
Magnetized Contribute Buttons were designed to provide some assistance with keeping the pen from sliding out of one’s shirt pocket and were created as a decorative example of engineered concrete, which can be sewn to a garment, bag, or notebook.